A spanking model talks

Amber Pixie Wells is a spanking model and the web designer for Punished Brats. She has a diverse background and varied interests in addition to her spanking endeavors. Recently, she posted the following on her blog Spanking Pixie. As always, Pixie does an excellent job in representing the spanking community in an erudite and human manner. I encourage you to follow the link to Fractured Politics.

Last week, an interview I did with Kris Coffield of Fractured Politics went up on his blog. I loved having the opportunity to participate in this interview as it asked many thought provoking questions – lots of analysis of human nature style questions that are right up my alley. I hope you’ll hop over to Fractured Politics and take a read. Fractured Politics Interview

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  1. tim says:

    Pixie is a lovely girl.

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