Aww, Pawwww … a spanking, yes, but …

Via Sex is Funny … (Artist unknown)

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3 Responses to Aww, Pawwww … a spanking, yes, but …

  1. Richard says:

    Even though it isn’t signed with the usual “DSD” of the period it looks like Dan DeCarlo to me.

  2. web-ed says:

    Good eye, Richard, it is indeed Dan DeCarlo (he often signed his Humorama work as DSD, for Donato Salvadore DeCarlo, his real name). The drawing was later altered by Funbun to bare the spankee’s bottom, as seen here. I have posted scans of the original version, a colored version, Funbun’s version, and the characters from the strip Li’l Abner who inspired these here for anyone who’s interested.

  3. Bruce says:

    “Sure”” no problem girl” as soon as I”m finished!

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