A gem of a spanking book

The Governess Gemma Forbes is a long-time spanking enthusiast who has had “The Adult Spanking and Discipline Handbook” on the market for several months now. I recently had the privilege of reading this book, and was amazed at the breadth and depth of knowledge conveyed. Regardless of your spanking orientation (Top, bottom, yes even vanilla), the Governess has something for you.

I was hooked on the book quite quickly when I came upon the following paragraph early in the text. You see, I had a disastrous accidental outing with loved ones, and my ex-wife also did not understand my need despite my best efforts. One of my basic tenets for any effective relationship including spanking is communication.

The first and the most important step in partner play comes before the panties (or Calvin Klein sport briefs) come down. That part is called talking. Yes, it can be embarrassing to put your longstanding, secret desires into words. In America, we still have a rather puritanical attitude toward creative erotic play, so some people might fear that there is a certain stigma attached, and they worry about being judged. In all my encounters with people over the years, I’ve met some who who say their partner just didn’t want to participate with them. Some even expressed a distinct dislike for the idea. But I haven’t met anyone whose significant other ran screaming out of the room, never to return. As long as you discuss things earnestly and put no pressure on your partner, the people who love you will usually be open to at least understanding your desires, even though they may not want to enact with you. You have to use your own intuition. In most cases, it’s at least worth a try to involve your gal or guy-pal if you can.

The Governess provides considerable material and advice on various aspects of a spanking relationship including Topping, bottoming, type and care of implements, safety and emergency considerations, role playing, and limits and how to effectively push them. For those who are so inclined, there is even material and pointers on “Going Pro.” As I said, something for everyone.

This is a text that provides an A to Z treatment of the subject, and is an easy read. The words flow smoothly, and The Governess’ points are punctuated with many anecdotes from her extensive experience. “The Adult Spanking and Discipline Handbook” would be a valuable addition to any enthusiast’s library. And as The Governess states in her last paragrpaph: “Happy spanking!”

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