A word for new spanking enthusiasts

Ms. Margaret Davis is the proprietress of the Spanking Club of New York (SCONY). She has long been an advocate of new spankers in their quest to both understand and find outlets for their spanking needs. Ms. Margaret especially focuses on woman’s issues, but has been an immense help to spankers of either gender.

Ms. Margaret recently published an article at both FetLife and the SCONY site addressing a spanker’s effort to find other traditional spanking enthusiasts in a venue that might be predominantly BDSM oriented. I repost that article below. It will also be placed on the Articles page of this blog.

An OTK Spanker’s Quest

If you are new to Fetlife and your main interest is spanking fear not we are out here. Spanking has several presentations on the internet so keep looking until you find what it is you like. The over the knee (OTK) old-fashioned spankers have many groups all over the country and often don’t show up on Fetlife. The style is rather platonic and play is mostly limited to the buttocks. OTK parties are usually limited to just spanking of the backside and photos are rarely taken. (It depends on who is hosting it). If you attend a party you don’t have to play nor do you have to bare your bottom or any other private parts. Forget what you see on the internet. Those are pictures trying to sell something which may have nothing to do with what is in your head. Different spanking parties focus on different styles of play: sensuous, erotic, playful, discipline, mixed with serious scenes, friendships and laughs. The language of the Tops is more parental or hinting of good leadership

When the spanking style goes beyond the derriere, to the genitals and breasts the spanking being presented is more of a BDSM scene. The use of swear words and/or erotic language comes into play. Lots of sites and parties see that as spanking and it might be what you like.

Spankos tend to be more shy newbies than the rest and have a harder time putting their fantasies into words. Write stories, look for pictures and connect with people who share your interests. If something doesn’t feel right then it isn’t right (for you) so keep looking. Take a deep breath and keep searching because at one time all of us were in your shoes.

Email: Ms. Margaret Davis

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