Mary Jane is spanked

Here we look in on Clare Fonda disciplining Mary Jane with a well-deserved spanking on her luscious, bubble butt.

Clare has a new 6 month exclusive arrangement with Mary Jane who is featured extensively on Clare’s Spanked Sweeties sub-site. She’s also on Clare Spanks Men, Spanked Call Girls and Naughty Diaper Girls, but her Sweeties interview is extensive and there are lots of good scenes with this very sexy girl. You can link to any of these sub-sites via the Clare Fonda main site.

By way of background, Mary Jane was spanked mainly by her mother when she was growing up. Usually, Mom was able to handle business with her hand or a shoe she called “Lefty.” [Mary Jane] gives us all the details in an interview and … on Spanked Sweeties. Mary Jane’s beautiful bottom is none the worse for wear after growing up spanked by Mom and even a babysitter! She understands that it was a fair way to discipline, and that she learned from it and does not mind a good spanking now. The interview tells you how [she] would try and sneak in at night from a bar, get caught by Mom, and get a good thrashing over her little white party skirt. [T]here are many more naughty tales form Mary Jane. ‘Tis the season for spanking stories with lots and lots of details, and very red bottomed scenes to explore.

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  1. tim says:

    Mary Jane is a little cutie .

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