Mrs Birch spanks Sissy Karen with the hairbrush

Our favorite Australian disciplinarian is back, and delivers a sound spanking … as always! There is no messing around with Mrs Birch.

Sissy Karen receives an over the knee spanking of the Ebony hairbrush from Mrs Birch. This looks fairly tame but 50 strokes of that hairbrush is a real test! It hurts like hell. But just before she received this lot, Karen had just had 50 strokes before we started filming, so her bum was already on fire.


  • MS Becky

    I enjoyed your spanking video clip. I’m a 50 something wife who disciplines her husbad. A slow deliberate style spanking really works on a bad boy’s mind. As does spanking in sessions. My husband is frequently pantied before, during, and after a spanking. However, I’ve never fully sissified him.
    Hmmm, something to think about. A final question for you. Don’t you think making him participate in his spanking by having a question and answer between spanks. As well as shaming and scolding him for his actions? Just work on the mental aspects of discipline…

  • tanya tranny

    please send me more!!!!!!!!!!!!

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