5 comments on “A ferocious bath brush spanking

  1. Clearly this drawing is circa 1970 something. Hippy chick spanked by her uptight dad. In essence, she is being spanked by Richard Nixon or Spiro Agnew.

  2. Yeah….they are something fierce. I was just spanked by a short handled one (along with a few other implements)…and out of all of them, the bathbrush has the worst bite. Thanks Commander Ed for buying me that %*&^@!! thing…..I OWE YOU!

  3. Of course the proper setting for a bathbrush spanking is in the bathroom-preferably on a bare,wet bottom just out of the tub or shower!

  4. I agree with Tanner – a plastic shower bursh to a bare wet hiney stings like HELL!!!!!!!! Been there, done that!

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