5 comments on “An old school spanking paddle

  1. At least a thin paddle like that is less likely to cause damage than some of the huge thick ones some schools used,or some still do maybe.
    School paddlings took place over clothes anyhow, contrary to what some may believe. At least those accounts that sound realistic did.
    But it sure evokes some pleasurable fantasies. Imagine some spoiled teenage brat sent to the office for violating the dress code by having her thong showing above her jeans.Having to bend over the desk, jeans lowered and her thonged bottom feeling the paddle.
    And imagine that paddle being applied to the bare bottoms of some of the celebrities discussed on here. Imagine it being used on Lindsay Lohan’s bare bottom in a long and painful session.

  2. I agree with Tanner. When we were in school and got sent to the office, in early grade school it was a spanking and in high school the teacher would use a paddle. I forget anymore if the grade school principal spanked our clad or bare backside, but the paddle was always used on our clad backsides.

    We had a 9th grade English teacher who had a paddle and after each use he would have a hole drilled in it either by himself or the shop teacher. When I had him, a classmate acted up, so out came the paddle. He hit the guy so hard, with all the holes drilled into it, it pretty much disintegrated!

    He then went to the shop teacher and said he wanted one 2″ thick with steel rods inserted! He was told that he was a nut case and that there was no way in hell he would make him something like that. Either a ‘standard’ one or none at all.

    Also, a friend of mine says she has a paddle and when her kids were little, and now her grandkids, she would have them sign it afterwards. She teased about using it on me and then telling her kids that if she could paddle a man her age, they had better watch their step!

  3. That paddle remind of the paddling I got in high school.It was in the 70’s .The teacher would make you stand out in hall and make you hold your paddle.Miss BROWN WOULD MAKE GO WITH PADDLE IN GO INTO A CLASS ROOM WITH YOUR PADDLE IN HAND .ASK THE TEACHER THAT YOU BEEN BAD AND YOU NEED A WITNESS YOUR SPANKING BY MISS BROWN.Miss brown would have you bend over and hold your ankles .And ask you are you ready for your swats .You would have to ask for your swats and thank her..I got a spanking many times.

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