3 thoughts on “The Maid

  1. Many a naughty maid in the ‘good old days’, were subjected to be corporally punished by the master of the household. The pliable cane, or a swished birchrod, danced most painfully on their bare tender bottoms. Six, twelve, or even twenty-five strokes with these spanking implements they had to endure. I only wish I was there to witness or give them these deserved punishments,

  2. of course the punishability of maids would have helped the master of the house chose whom to employ. there’s no point in running a strict house (and such girls need and want such strictness) if you’re not going to enjoy carrying it out. the girl shown would not have found it hard to get a job, but of course the master should have arranged it so it would have been hard for her to sit down! a gaggle of very well caned young maids would make for an efficient and happy household!

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