Communication is the key

Found on strenger Leher

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7 Responses to Communication is the key

  1. Darl says:

    communication? how do we know if it’s morse code or not!!! LOL

  2. Darl says:

    wish i could find women who thought about being over my knee cause i guarentee you i think about most of them over mine

  3. Jaimarie says:


  4. Darl says:

    Jai…….? what darlin’

  5. mitch says:

    Jai, Darl … me thinks you both need the strap! Turn about is fair play, and all activities born on All Things Spanking are recorded on All Things Spanking! We take all formats for a/v verification! 🙂

  6. Darl says:

    Mitch– The only way that can happen is you give Jai my e-mail address or vice versa! I’ll beg here i’d really like to be friends with her and you on a one-to-one basis not just here I love coming to your site and making my comments and forwhatever reason i have this thing for Jai HELP get her permission cause you have mine here in this forum

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