OTK, she spanks him in the office

What has he done? Violated office rules? Poor decorum? Whatever it is, the staff is taking great glee in this guy’s predicament.


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9 Responses to OTK, she spanks him in the office

  1. Charles says:

    I’d prefer working in a setting where I could do the spanking. Thanks for the drawing anyway.

  2. mitch says:

    Many of my readers prefer a Femdom approach, or, at least, switch so that they appreciate such a scenario. This is All Things Spanking, and I do try to provide something for everyone. I am thankful for readers of any persuasion, and trust that they appreciate spanking in all its facets regardless of their own preference(s).

  3. Darl says:

    If i could wish the fellow anything,it would be better looking women around me…If i was this fellow i wouldn’t mind the spanking half as much as having an audience

  4. Are the guys at the door just looking on or waiting their turn ?


  5. Charles says:

    No problem with the picture, Mitch. I was just stating I would prefer to be a boss spanking my female employees. Again. Thanks for posting the picture.

    Prefectdt – I bet the guys at the door are hoping that they are not to be called next!

  6. markiee says:

    They are seeing a whole new side of there co-worker. It will be hard to look them in the eye when she is done and tomorrow as well as in the future.

  7. Micheal says:

    I loved to be spanked naked otk spanked in front of lots of women

  8. George says:

    This actually happenned to me, but it was in a kitchen, I was a 30yearold temp, she was about 18 and the other 5 or 6 staff who watched her spanking me were all girls aged between 15 and 17. They all thought it was really funny and she did it again, a few times before the job ended.

  9. George says:

    I was once very disrespectful to an 18 year old female boss when I worked in a kitchen as a dish washer. I was the only male (30 years of age) worker and she used to tell me to do this and that and i’d tell her to fxxx off. I was a temp and one day, after I told to fxxx of she grabbed me by the hair, told one of the younger girls to fetch a chair from the refectory (it was a student college kitchen), she pulledmy pants down , put me across her knee and spanked my bare bottom very, very soundly, in front of the rest of the girls! Then she told me to wash the dishes and I did as I was told! But the following morning I came in late (as usual), she (Claire, her name was), told one of the younger girls to fetch a chair, she pulled my pants down again, told me I was 5 minutes late and that’s how long the spanking was going to take – I never turned up late again! But the younger girls started to tell me to do things and when Itold them to fxxx off, they reported me to Claire , who took my pants down and spanked me for it. I ended up getting soundly spanked for their amusement. I’ve never spoken disrespectfully to a woman again!

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