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  1. May 28,2008 Bad Boy Disappears After a Spanking !

    We are staying in a first class hotel on the ocean in Florida. And Jim is kneeling in the corner after I administered 100 swats to his naked butt with the Spencer paddle. He is kneeling on the paddle which is more uncomfortable than the carpet. I forgot to pack some uncooked black eyed beans for him to kneel on. Why is he being so severely punished on a combination business/vacation trip? Well, this morning he went to a breakfast seminar for his convention and it was served in a room (I kid you not) with a bar in front of his breakfast table. After promising not to imbibe when I was not around, At 11:30 am he returned to our room three sheets to the wind. Before I paddled him I took my deep red lipstick and wrote the words (Bad/ Boy!) on the cheeks of his butt. With my camera I took a picture showing his butt with a word on each cheek. Using the paddle I was hoping to bring the color red of his ass to the same color as the lipstick. To literally spank away or make the words fade into the red background color of his butt. I explained to Jim that this was an appropriated punishment. He said: “Yes ma’am very appropriate” While he was kneeling in agony, I was sunning myself on our balcony and reading John Grisham’s latest novel. I often have him kneel on painful surfaces because I get sexually aroused watching him endure constant pain and he knows it. I took another picture but the words could still be seen even after an hour of him kneeling. Sooo I ordered him to “Assume the position again!“ I then slowly and precisely applied another 100 very hard strokes. Naturally he was shrieking and yelping with every stroke but I ignored him. I then had him kneel again on the wood paddle for another hour. Later, while he was wimpering , I checked his butt and the red lipstick almost disappeared. Taunting him I said : “But not quite Jimmy boy. Unfortunately you must assume the position again” Soo I applied another 50 very hard whacks and then carefully but with a chuckle, I examined his butt again. Jim was sputtering gibberish and sobbing. You had to look very closely to just barely make out the words but they were there. In an hour his ass will be a darker shade and they will fade completely into the spanked color. Jim spent another hour of kneeling and I took another picture. At dinner that evening Jim’s associates and their wives teased the usually very staid tea totaling “Jimbo” about being so fidgety. One said; “Maybe you need a strong drink.” After dinner we rushed back to our room. I slowly did a strip tease and snapped my fingers and pointed my finger towards my pussy. I sat on the foot of the bed and Jim ravenously attacked my clit with his tongue. He made sure that I had two orgasms. Being a former bareback horse back rider I pretended Jim’s ample chest hair was a horse’s mane and pulled him down to the carpeted floor on his back With a firm grip on his hair , I was so juicy, I literally mounted his nine inch penis on the fly perfectly. I moved up and down and caused pain to his chest and to his very tender bottom by grinding it into the carpet. He called it “pain and ecstasy.” We both exploded together and then I allowed Jim to lick me clean.This eventually led to another orgasm for me. That made four total orgasms for me. Weeks later, at home, I had the pictures framed together and I ordered Jim to mount it on our closet door with the titled words “Before and After” and with the caption
    “Bad Boy Disappears, After a Spanking.” I explained to Jim he was lucky I wasn’t wearing my darker red shade of lipstick. Matching it’s shade would have meant me applying another 200 smacks to his already tender bottom.

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