8 thoughts on “Woodshed discipline

  1. question is…when he gets her there, will her shorts get pulleddown? what will he use on that shapely bottom? and wondering what she did to warrent the trip in the first place??

  2. Aww, that’s purrrrity. Nothing like a man in overalls to signal strict, no-nonsense discipline :)

    Darl: I believe, he’s holding a switch in his left hand, so it looks like a switching’s coming up for her!

  3. I agree, Adele. That looks like a switch. I think she will be bent over a railing in the shed, and thoroughly switched on her bare bottom.

  4. I’ve had that shot in my collection for some time now because I love the idea of the woodshed so much.

    It is one of my top of the list fantasies that I hope someday to live out!

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