Spanking is such hard work!

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7 Responses to Spanking is such hard work!

  1. Darl says:

    awwww , the poor girl!

  2. sweat from me, tears from her. then I know no one is going to walk out the door feeling shortchanged.

  3. Sir. Sexy Cruiser says:

    Did she graduate or not? …. sent her to me …I got a painfull and awarding GED program…LOL

  4. Sherie says:

    I can picture a smile crossing her face knowing she wore him out as much as he wore her out….

  5. tinaslut says:

    It sure is… but somebody’s got to do it. Lucky me, Master never seems to get tired…

    tina from Sweden

  6. six of the best says:

    It’s always been pure pleasure for me. Especially given a naughty lady six or more of the best with a cane.

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