Is “Mistress Gorgeous” also Katie Spades?

I received an email a few days ago stating that “Mistress Gorgeous is none other than Katie Spades, self proclaimed … princess of spanking.” I’m quoting this without conclusion although the photos of Kara Rogers (Mistress Gorgeous) and Katie Spades do have a remarkable likeness, and Katie’s significant other was/is “Jake” while Kara’s husband is Jacob. We originally posted of Mistress Gorgeous’ arrest for “sexual conduct for a fee and allowing a premise to be used for immoral purposes” here.

Katie Spades from her website

Kara Rogers from the Boston Herald

Rachel Kramer Bussel also posted on this. I agree with Rachel that the Boston Herald article does not fairly differentiate between possessing spanking implements/paraphenalia and prostitution, and between “selling sex” and “selling domination.” Whether Mistress Gorgeous is guilty of these charges is a function of the judicial system and Massachusetts law. Mistress Gorgeous apparently advertised that services did not include sex. I find it troublesome if Kara is being persecuted and prosecuted simply because she owns paddles, spanks, and chose to dominate. I say this regardless of Katie Spades’ prior actions/words regarding the spanking scene, and her role in it.

UPDATE (9/4/07):

Todd & Suzy at American Spanking Society are also running this bit. Read their comments here. American Spanking Society was at the forefront when the Katie Spades story first broke.

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