Post coitus paddling

Many have discussed the relative intensity of pre- and post-release spankings. Here, thanks to Ford at Disciplining Ford we have a first-hand narrative on the issue.

Some relatively recent posts on other blogs have reminded me of an occasion, now perhaps a year or more ago, when DW used a post-orgasm spanking as a painfully effective application of purely non-erotic, remedial discipline. …

Photo from Disciplining Ford – Is this DW?

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2 Responses to Post coitus paddling

  1. Graham says:

    Thanks for the good story. Spanking a man after orgasm definitely signals a true disciplinary spanking and is used as needed at our house.

  2. Graham says:

    Post coital spankings are very effective and, in my mind, separate discipline for minor offenses from those that are either more significant, repetitive or just plain annoying to my wife!

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