Enema administration …

… coupled with a good spanking is supposed to be a unique experience, or so I’m told. Have any of you had the honor? Do tell.

Artist unknown

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5 Responses to Enema administration …

  1. Tanner says:

    This looks a lot like Roger Benson’s artwork. There’s a lot of in the Yahoo Group Bared Affair site. Bared Affair is a wonderful spoof spanking site, all F/f and F/F.

  2. daddio says:

    Great vintage art. Some things never change…. 😉

  3. KC says:

    I haven’t had the honor, but I’ve done the honor. Makes for an effective punishment session.

  4. Mary says:

    Sadly, I have had the honor. . . numerous times. When I have been especially naughty, I do my pre- and post-spanking cornertime with a plug in my rectum. This plug is lubricated with my own special salve made of ground ginger, ground cayenne, and vaseline. The only way to remove the lubricant from my rectum once the plug has been pulled out is by taking a series of enemas. The first enema is always warm and soapy and I am over his knee. The second and third enemas are warm water rinses, again, with me over his knee.

  5. Benjamin says:

    My mistress will send me to her ‘special’ room and I must be undressed except for under pants when she arrives in the room. I stand in front of her while she pulls down my briefs, inspects my “package”, takes hold of my balls and pulls me around to her side directing me over her lap. She immedieately begins spanking with her hand making every smack sharp and stingy causing the next one to be even wors and so forth. While I am getting my bottom burned her girl-slave is roaming around the room preparing a huge soap-suds enema. When directed the girl-slave rolls the IV stand over with enema bag hanging and inserts this special nozzle in my rectum. It has a 90 degree bend at such a point that it doesn’t really stick out making it possible for mistress to continue to spank while the hot soapy water mixture is filling my innards.

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