… or as close as we can get without going over.

2013 – Chelsea spanks again (This is not January 31, but January 28. It’s the closest I could get from last year. A spanking for me for taking some days off?)

2012 – She has been well strapped (OK, this one is from January 29, taking the 31st off two years in a row? Shame on me, but it’s closer than the 28th)

2011 – Cool those buns (Would you believe three years in a row? What is it with the 31st?)

2010 – He bares her bottom (Bingo! I was on duty this year)

2009 – Not spanking, but cute

2009 – A red rump!

2008 – Hold that pose, Miss

2007 – Bat Bondage

A stellar cast of arses (well, not arses personally, but you know what I mean) are being lined up to suffer for the cause. Read all about it here, and help out as you can.

Screen grab from Pandora Blake’s Facebook page

As this lady ties her hair back in preparation to paddling a naughty bottom, the recipient of the spanking looks around with feigned disinterest. All the time, however, she is sweating and pondering just how intense this session will be. She can rest assured that her buns will be crimson red when the paddling is compete, and her eyes will be tear filled.


Pandora Blake has been a leading voice in opposition to the recently enacted UK porn law extension that severely impacts the producers of spanking material. Link here to read her comments on this television debate, and to view the clip. All Things Spanking urges you to support Pandora and her associates as you can to help combat this legislation.

Screen grab from Pandora Blake: Spanked, Not Silenced

Photo and text via Inside TV from Entertainment Weekly onine:

Behind the Scenes: Mark Duplass’ ‘Togetherness’ spanking scene involved 3 cameras, 0 flesh-tone thongs

Before shooting the spanking scene in last Sunday’s episode of Togetherness, Mark Duplass, the show’s co-creator and star, had a discussion with Melanie Lynskey, who plays his on screen wife. “I was like, look, due to the blocking of this, which is the right blocking choice, you’re going to be seeing things that I don’t think even my wife has seen necessarily,” he told EW. “I just want to apologize to you off the bat for that. She was like, ‘Oh, please. I live to do scenes like this; this is my favorite stuff.’”

The scene required Duplass to be on all fours in handcuffs, while Lynskey stood behind him, her character, Michelle, trying on the role of dominatrix. For the filming, Duplass was stark naked. …


… on All Things Spanking. “One and Done” is now a sub-section on the Real-Life page. “One and Done” lists spanking events that are one day or night in duration. Multi-day events are under “Special Events.” The listings on “One and Done” could be regularly scheduled events of a group, special events, play parties, educational sessions, etc. As always, if you have an event you would like to nominate for listing, please email me. I hope this new item helps you find what you seek in this wonderful world of kink we share.

… for being rude. Punished Brats found “a never before [seen video] with Amber Pixie Wells. … It is intense, and there are lots of tears.” Punished Brats thinks “Pixie deserved every swat of that paddle for misplacing this video” when it was first shot. I am told that Pixie has buns of steel, and rarely sheds tears so this video is also unique in that respect. Pixie has recently pulled back from shooting as many clips so new material featuring this icon is indeed a treat. Amble on over to see all the Punished Brats.