She is ready. You better be.

Found on Pininterest. Original source unknown.

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Spanking: Read all about it

What Does It Mean If You Want To Be Spanked During Sex? An Expert Lays It All Out by Rachel Shatto in Elite Daily. Link to read the article.

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Trump’s rump

From Mother Jones, we read:

Stormy Daniels Once Claimed She Spanked Donald Trump With a Forbes Magazine … At his request.

… “She says one time he made her sit with him for three hours watching ‘shark week.’ Another time he had her spank him with a Forbes magazine.” …

Link to read entire article

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A word about links

Dear readers,

All Things Spanking is pleased to link to many sites that focus on the spanking and domestic domestic genres. I strive to be a resource for what the blog’s title states … all things spanking.

From time-to-time, I review links to assure that sites remain active and germane to “this thing we do.” As you know, blogs cease to publish or change their content such that they are no longer relevant. Disciplinarians may retire. In those cases, I delete the link. When I become aware of new sites that show promise (e.g., appropriate content, longevity), I add them. Our goal is to maintain current, valuable references for you.

Since the first of the year, I have cleaned up the links. If I inadvertently deleted something that should have remained, please accept my apology. If I have yet to link to a site that you feel should be here, I would love to look at it. In either case, just email me.

You, my readers, are the lifeline of this blog. I appreciate each of you. Please keep coming!

Play safe, my best, and “keep those paddles popping!”

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What not to say when bottom up

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Working it out

Source unknown

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Disciplinarian Discussion: The Sjambok

The sjambok is a whip-like device that has, historically, been associated with South Africa.  When considering someone to author a piece on the sjambok, All Things Spanking immediately thought of Mistress Baton who is a South African Disciplinarian based in Gauteng. She graciously accepted our invitation.

Mistress Baston

Mistress Baton states that “BDSM, especially caning, is a passion of mine, not merely a pastime. It is one of my greatest purposes in life, to thrash as many eager bottoms as I can. I am a happy sadist. … strict, outspoken & dominant. A merciless, disciplinarian-type sadist and exhibitionist, who mostly plays fucking hard.” Please know, however, that Mistress Baton can adapt her style to accommodate limits. As in any BDSM play, communication is key to assure that all parties have a clear understanding of what will be done.

Mistress Baton does travel on occasion. She has announced an upcoming tour of the United Kingdom and may be touring Australia in the near future.

The South African Sjambok

By Mistress Baton for All Things Spanking.  05 January 2018

An implement used often during impact play in my commercial dungeon, Strafkamer

Photo of some of the sjamboks referred to below. Sjamboks are numbered as referred to in the article.


Sjambok #1 on photo:

Sjamboks are still widely used here and are sold almost everywhere…from the cities and small towns to rural townships, one may find a sidewalk hawker offering these exact sjamboks, every couple of miles. It is the sjambok that is typically used on offenders in so-called ‘kangaroo courts’ and in urban townships.

They’re made from plastic, and are thus very whippy towards the tip. During BDSM play I find it quite difficult to wield with accuracy indoors (my dungeon space is too narrow). It is much easier to use outside, especially if the recipient lies down on the ground for a vertical downswing stroke.

Other shapes of plastic sjamboks are readily available at large supermarkets or hardware stores (Sjambok #4). This kind is most often used for personal protection around the home or in the car; even to discipline large, thick-skinned dogs like the so-called Boerboel. I find it a very nice sjambok to use during CP play sessions: though it appears too thick, it is in fact hollow and very light, manufactured from a durable plastic, enabling ease of control in terms of severity, from light to very hard application.

Sjambok #3 is a heavy, rubber sjambok, similar to the standard issue, South African Police Force weapon, used for crowd control during times before CP was banned judicially in the mid-90s. The police sjamboks were shorter though, with a thicker, rigid tip.


South African Police Force sjambok


Personally, it is unlikely that I will choose the police-style sjamboks for a BDSM play, due to safety concerns: these implements have been compared to bullets before, because it was as easy to drop a person to the ground unconscious, as it was to do the same with a bullet. They are prone to cause muscle bleeding, soft tissue damage and broken bones too easily.

I do not like and never use this specific sjambok of mine (# 3) during play sessions, due to its heavy, yet wobbly tip, impossible to control accurately.

Sjambok #4 is my hippo hide sjambok, custom made. Rhino hide sjamboks were also popular (rhino leather is similar to hippo leather, not stronger and tougher) until these animals became endangered, and it is now illegal to use them. Elephant hide sjamboks are very rare, but it is still legal to process and trade in them under special licensing.

Back to my beauty above. This particular one was not made in the traditional, African way. The manufacturer uses special soaking, treatment and varnishing methods, resulting in an almost resin-or amber-like appearance and ‘feel’. It is exceptionally heavy, and only after a year of weekly practice, my wrist became strong enough to not droop while wielding it, and before I could maneuver it with the same level of accuracy as the cane. These guys are difficult to obtain and pricey. They’re used mostly on farms to control large cattle and on game farms on large, wild animals. They’re also used in the veld to easily kill a snake, by striking its head off or breaking its spine, without having to get close to the danger.

The following paragraphs were written by Mr. Conrad Hodson, used with his permission, to explain traditional ways of making sjamboks around these parts.

The word “sjambok” seems to cover quite a variety of heavy impact toys. Originally a single piece of rawhide cut or stretched to shape, ISTR it’s just a generic word for “whip” in a lot of Bantu (sic) languages. The simplest form is rawhide carved out of a very thick hide, especially hippo, rhinoceros or elephant. Cut to shape and left to dry, this makes a cane-like instrument, that basically works like a heavy cane. Like rattan, it’s moderately flexible.

Traditional hide-curing in most of Africa has been an oil-curing process, as opposed to vegetable tanning as was done in Europe and its colonies. The piece of hide is oiled, worked by hand or by beating it with sticks, and left out in the sun. This is repeated–a good many times if supple “leather” is wanted. The oiled leather can also be stretched during this process, and a long strip can be tapered by doing a lot of stretching at one end, and little or none at the other. It’s possible to make an unbraided, crackable single-tail this way, and these are also called “sjambok” in many areas. They are even rarer in the States than the cane-like ones.


I wouldn’t recommend using hide sjamboks that were made in the traditional African fashion…hide sjamboks seldom break the skin, but it does happen and such wounds are prone to infection.

My hippo hide sjambok can be used safely, without fear of such infection, because a different method was used during manufacturing. As mentioned above, it seldom breaks the skin—even when wielded at maximum force. The bum should be closely inspected after every set though, to detect signs of muscle bleeding and dangerous bruising. Play should be stopped immediately if it does seem as if the swelling of the stroke bruises has a gravelly/grainy texture, creating the impression they’re clumped in bundles on top of one another.

Judicial sjambok and caning session performed by Mistress Baton

For most hippo hide sjambok play recipients, the intensity of the pain and the unique sensation come as a surprise…the shape of the sjambok, similar to that of a cane, often creates an expectation that the intensity and sensation would be cane-like. However, instead it is ‘thuddy’; dull, very deep and much more painful.

When playing at hard/judicial severity, bruising and bruise coloring is instantaneous and the color here is a purplish-black.

The healing process is as dramatic as the initial bruising. Coloration of the bruises changes, resulting in very vivid and very deep marks, often spreading far beyond the original impact points.

African hide sjamboks can be used safely during BDSM play sessions, as long as impact occurs on the fleshiest body parts only (the buttocks) and as long as the Top keeps an informed eye on bruise/blooming progression.

Personally, I adore using African sjamboks, especially African hide sjamboks. They’re challenging and unique implements to wield, and for the bottoms, a unique challenge to endure; an intense pain to conquer.

In terms of the pain levels they cause, many consider them the most severe CP implement of them all.

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She earned a spanking

In the latest from Sarah Gregory Spanking:

Real Life Discipline

Kajira and Ulf are real life partners so we asked them to use real issue in their relationship here. Kajira had used their joint credit card which was for emergency use only for some shoes. Ulf talks to her about this before they agree that punishment is needed. He spanks her over his knee hard with his hand before taking the strap to her. Don’t miss this discipline film between a real life couple.

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There is no doubt who is in control

I do not know who this is, but would love to find out. Any help? I would also submit that anyone who crosses her will discover her power.

Via Tumblr (Lady Disciplinarian)

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Both Belle & Baton blister bums

Ms. Baton

Ms. Sultrybelle

Mistresses Sultrybelle and Baton have announced that they will  be offering double sessions on February 5th and 6th in Glasgow. This will be Mistress Baton’s second visit to Scotland from South Africa.

Using different styles, each can cane extremely hard  with precise strokes.  They will also take it down a notch or two  depending on limits and tolerance. Administration of the strap or tawse  will be available along with role play and school scenes.

Mistresses Sultrybelle and Baton love what they do, and are quite proficient at it. Just ask anyone who has had their arse inflamed by either. It is a memorable experience.

Check out their websites, and contact either for information. Or, email Mistress Sultrybelle who is based in Glasgow.

Mistress Sultrybelle’s website.
Mistress Baton’s website.

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Education is a key to understanding

This Thing We Do (TTWD) is becoming much more prevalent and in the open. The plethora of books, movies, TV shows, and articles has certainly helped. The internet is a prime mover of this, and allows interested folks to more easily research things. And, the blossoming acceptance of BDSM education – clearly to include spanking – on campuses is encouraging. We all knew there were many, many other normal people like us. Now, the world has been finding out. From The College Fix, we read (follow the title link to see the full article):

Princeton latest Ivy League school to host BDSM tutorials

Several top-tier universities host student clubs, workshops dedicated to kinky sex

Princeton University has become the latest Ivy League institution to host a club for students who seek to explore sexual desires that delve into bondage, domination, sadism and masochism, underscoring a larger trend found at many top-tier universities.

The student-led club, Princeton Plays, launched earlier this month after Princeton’s student government voted to officially recognize it. It joins Harvard’s “Munch,” Columbia’s “Conversio Virium” and Cornell’s “Crunch” clubs as active student BDSM groups in the Ivy League. …

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Happy New Year

… to all my valued readers. May it be a healthy, happy, prosperous year for all with plenty of bum burning!

From the now defunct blog Very Hard Spankings. Original source unknown.

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