In Taken to School at Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment, Chelsea’s son and daughter-in-law live with her and all is well until a neighbor gives Chelsea a video of her daughter-in-law behaving rather affectionately with a man other than her son. Chelsea finds herself confronted with a difficult situation. Telling her son would only hurt him and the problem is really with her son’s wife, so why cause her son the emotional pain? Instead Chelsea decides to go to the root of the problem. She lands on a plan. A strict disciplinary regime is at hand for Stevie the daughter-in-law. Every time Jack leaves, Stevie must dress up in humiliating school girl uniforms and take spankings, or Chelsea will tell Jack all!

Here we see Stevie in tears as the spanking she receives does its job. Stevie is well spanked by hand and implement. Chelsea loves her daughter-in-law and Stevie is absolutely adorable, but this lesson must be thoroughly absorbed. Chelsea does not mess around.

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London-mistress-8-slider-400x250Miss Kami Robertson is a UK Disciplinarian. I link to her in several places on this blog. She has posted information on her website about an impostor using her photos and a scene name that closely approximates Miss Robertson’s. The following is a screen grab of the opening paragraphs in that warning. I urge those who may be affected to link to Miss Robertson’s site as she continues from the following to comment on clear identifiers that apply to Miss Robertson, and things to watch out for from the impostor.

There is no room in our community for shenanigans such as this, and anyone who attempts such deceit needs to be reported and stopped. Miss Robertson has taken affirmative steps to combat the misrepresentation, and we wish her the best in fully stopping this poser.

Fake personna

Those frat boys (and sorority girls) knew how to initiate a pledge back in the day. Paddle swats did not hurt anyone … in the long run at least. At the moment, yeah, I guess they had a lot of sting in them.

From DS Auctions, we read a bit about the history of the paddle:

Fraternity Spanking Paddles

Paddling has been part of the hazing and initiation process in American fraternities from their beginning in the mid 19th century. The paddle, at that time, was not yet common in schools (they used birch rods, canes, hickory sticks, etc.). Paddling (also called “cobbing”) was associated more with the punishment of adults in slavery, the military and penal institutions. Until recently, fraternity paddling was a popular, and sometimes public, entertainment, frequently the subject of yearbook photos.


… in the USA at least. The day before Thanksgiving always draws crowds to airports, highways and train stations. This flight attendant is reminded before she departs that she had best behave during her trip, or a more severe spanking will be administered. She is fortunate that this warning trip OTK is not done on the bare, but she is told that any further paddling will be on unprotected skin.


At The Punishment Club:

Peter had eaten a big plateful of boiled cabbage at school dinner as a dare and was now feeling bloated and full of wind. Now, back in class he needed to fart and tried to do it quietly but it rushed out noisily and Miss Quotes was shocked and very, very cross. She doesn’t need much of an excuse to reach for her cane and this was a perfect reason. Despite the smell she got him out from his desk, bent over and caned him hard. His tummy was still sore, though and he kept on farting. Miss Quotes caned him again and again with every disgusting blast and really, really hurt him but he still couldn’t stop farting. His bottom was crimson when she’d finished.


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