The lady is prepared

… to paddle you. She expects you to lean over the desk, grab the opposite edge, and hold on until she is finished. No moving or jumping up is allowed.

Courtesy of School Mistress Fantasy

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Spanking on set

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Shows Off Spanking Injury from Kate Upton

Coster-Waldau stopped by Chelsea Lately Thursday night to discuss his new movie, The Other Woman, and showed off a baseball-size bruise he sustained while filming an “intimate” moment with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue favorite.

“I think she hasn’t seen them yet,” Coster-Waldau said of the photos. “I hope she’s okay with this.”

In the scene, Upton was supposed to lightly spank him with a whip, but became a little overzealous. Oops!

Also starring Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, The Other Woman comes out in theaters April 25. But don’t expect to see Coster-Waldau’s spanking: After all that painstaking work, the scene didn’t make the final cut.

Link here to see the clip from Chelsea Lately

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A serious caning

The ladies and gents at Pandora Blake Dreams of Spanking are at it again. Here we look in on Molly Malone as she administers an extreme caning to John Beecroft. He has earned every stroke by his school behavior. Ms. Malone is devilishly strict as a firm-handed school headmistress who gives her student a severe twenty-four strokes of the cane.



Proper ventilation is a must



A birching



Spanking on television

This is a real hoot.

Jim Parsons’ Mayim Bialik Spanking Technique as seen on Conan and presented on Sheldon’s Fans.

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Now in aisle 3 for your shopping pleasure

Via Tumblr: Hot Girls in Sexy Lingerie


Spank away

From AutoStraddle we read (follow the link):

Top Five Ways To Consensually Hit Your Sex Partner (NSFW)

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Clare Fonda spanks again

index_ClareFondaAfter a brief hiatus to pursue other interests, Clare Fonda has now officially returned to spanking as a performer. In some of the early releases, Alexis Grace endures her hardest punishment by far at the hands of Bettie Bondage on Girl Spanks Girl, in a scene which has some hard spanking and bondage. Then, on Spanked Callgirls brothel madam Clare Fonda returns to work after a long vacation to find that one of her newest employees does not know who she is. Clare and Gigi Allens end up spanking each other in this very sexy scene. Australian sensation Gigi Allens is also on Spanking Sorority Girls as the new girl who has transferred in from another school. Pledge Cheyenne Jewel teaches her how things are done in her new sorority with a spanking, but Gigi fights back! And, of course, all the action can be seen on Clare’s ever popular Five Site Pass.

Welcome back, Clare, and happy spanking!

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That paddle has surely raised an eyebrow on its target, and our spanker looks like she both enjoys her job and is eminently well qualified. I don’t know who she is (can you help?), but it would be fun meeting.

Via Tumblr – [Note: Thanks to Mike for letting us know this is Lady Asomdena, a Hamburg based Domme]


Being spanked

The ladies at Punished Brats receive regular spankings for their transgressions.


A spankable bottom

… just waiting for someone to reach into the drawer, withdraw a stout wooden spoon, and do the chore.