To quote Strict Julie: “It happened!”

Last week, Strict Julie announced that she would likely receive her first public spanking on February 18. Recall that Julie normally does the paddling. Well, she actually has an array of effective tools for ass destruction; not just a paddle. Anyway, this evening Julie posted a comprehensive narrative of her experience. As always it is captivating, well written, and titillating. We capture her opening and closing lines below. In between is ……. oh, you will just have to read it.

Julie could not stop the inevitable. Did she want to?

Julie Spanked in Front of Family… For Real!!!

… I received my first public spanking in front of my entire family. And I do not mean just one swat as anticipated in julie to be Publicly Spanked???, I mean a freakin’ spanking! And things took a few other unexpected turns along the way as well. …

Hmmm… just realized, SIX public smacks, SIX orgasms, hmmmm, coincidence?
So fucking hot. BEST night of my life!

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Sultry Sunday: Mistress Rattan to blister Manhattan

Today we turn from our focus on spanking models to an emphasis on a quite qualified Disciplinarian. Mistress Rattan is a stunning Toronto-based Disciplinarian who provides “a corporal fix for a corporate world.” She is fully capable and willing to address whatever ails you. Mistress states that “beyond that world are several more varied interests of mine including theatre, movies, music, literature, sports, and travel.” Truly an eclectic and well-rounded Disciplinarian. Dare you bare your soul – and other things – to her?

Mistress has announced that she will once again be in Manhattan on February 27 – 28, and can be contacted for “corporal fixes.” Cetainly there are may deserving subjects in New York who would benefit from a dose of Canadian discipline.

Contact Mistress via this link.

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An interesting read on a unique Dominatrix

From the Huffington Post (link to full article):

Meet The Dominatrix Who Requires The Men Who Hire Her To Read Black Feminist Theory

By Amanda Duberman

Mistress Velvet is a dominatrix with a syllabus.

The Chicago-based master’s graduate got her start in professional BDSM a few years ago. “I thought, well this could be something really fun, and it’s a lot of money, so why not try,” she told HuffPost. …

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Sultry Sunday: The Lap Turns on Ms. Julie

Strict Julie in the shower

As you know, Strict Julie is a Canadian Disciplinarian who lovingly oversees david, her husband, in a domestic discipline relationship. She also directs others, on occasion, in their pursuit of personal goals. I can attest to her diabolical and effective approach to assuring absolute compliance to the agreed upon strategies. So, it is with some amusement and anticipation that I am compelled to advise that Julie will have her adorable derrière spanked by david on February 18. As they say, turnabout is fair play. I cannot wait to read Julie’s posted summary of the event. She always shares the details and associated emotions.

As stated on her blog, Strict Julie Spanks (follow the title link to read all of Julie’s announcement):

julie to be Publicly Spanked???

Yes, you heard it here first, I fully intend to get my bottom publicly spanked by my husband in front of practically my whole family!!!! Ok, not really spanked, David agreed to one smack on my ass, and then to say something that strongly implies more once he gets me home. But in front of everybody! …

What do you guys think? Is this totally nuts? Oh, and please let the teasing start. As you now know, it makes me cream my panties (when I’m wearing any, that is 😉

Provided by Strict Julie Spanks

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Friday Frivolity: Rhetorical questions

Is the answer obvious? Now, bend over and take it like the man or woman you are. And remember, you “may be on Candid Camera.”

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Seen while shopping today

These cutting boards would solve the problem of which cheek to focus on. Pervertibles are wonderful.

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Does she spank? Want to try her?

Found on Pininterest. Model and original source unknown.

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We Kinky Yanks

Almost Half Of Americans Say They’re Kinky, Survey Finds, And Here’s What Sex Acts They’re Into

Follow the link to read Lea Rose Emery’s article in Bustle.

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Sultry Sunday: Amelia Jane Rutherford

Today, All Things Spanking launches a new feature that I call “Sultry Sunday.” The goal is to focus on spanking models, bottoms, or switches. I hope this new feature will be informative and entertaining. As always, please email me if you have nominees for a Sultry Sunday post or comments.

Without further ado, let’s turn our attention to Amelia Jane Rutherford who is an acclaimed, international spanking model. She has appezared in many videos and photo shoots.

At a beautiful 6’1″, Amelia Jane presents a striking (and oft-struck) posture that routinely pleases her fans.

Along with her husband, Hywel Phillips, Ms. Rutherford also manages and appears (as Ariel Anderssen) at Restrained Elegance, a spanking and erotic art site.

See more of Amelia Jane at her:

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She is bared and scared

Found in Roue Magazine

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Another cheerleader is burned

Cheerleader Adriana Evans is punished by coach John Osborne in “Can’t Be Trusted” at Cheerleader Spankings. She is spanked OTK in her cheerleader uniform, then paddled with the “Bad Cheerleader” paddle on her bare bottom. Finally, Adriana is spanked in diaper position while actually wearing a diaper in this most humiliating punishment.

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Classic spanking

Well-spanked for his misdeeds by the boss. She rules with an iron will and a firm hand.

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