For the neophyte

lane-moore0Lane Moore is the sex & relationships editor at She recently weighed in with the following guide for beginners. Folks, consensual adult spanking is becoming more mainstream and accepted every day. Let’s get those hands, paddles, and straps cracking!

A Beginner’s Guide to Rough Sex: i.e. How to ask him to be rougher (but not a psychopath) in bed.

A word about links

einstein-limitsIt has always been my pleasure to link with ongoing, quality spanking blogs and sites so that my readers may have access to the best that the web offers in this genre. I also link from within posts to stories, sites, and original sources when known, and to various groups, individuals, and events.

Recently, I had the bright idea to research how many of those links were no longer valid (e.g., retired newspaper articles, dead websites). I used a plug-in that identified links it said no longer existed. I individually verified each, and found that many, many of the so called dead links were indeed still valid. The plug-in was “retired” from my site. However, I found that it must have unilaterally eliminated the link to some blogs and sites before I relieved myself of its onerous and obnoxious behavior.

I have been reinstalling blog links that have been identified as missing, but still may owe some bloggers a reconnect. If you do not see your blog linked from All Things Spanking, please do not take it personally or with anger. Simply let me know, and it will be corrected. Then, give me any spanking you think I am due.

My most humble apologies. The goal of this effort was to make this blog run faster and load faster not that I was aware of any problems. So much for being proactive … huh?.

Pandora prepares for the paddle

It looks like Pandora Blake (Dreams of Spanking) has mouthed off once too often. She is about to be soundly paddled, and I doubt those shorts will mitigate the sting too much. Of course, we fully expect the shorts to be discarded at some point so that Pandora’s adorable bum is bared for some full force swats.


Red head red bottom

The ladies at Punished Brats continue to receive very well earned spankings for their misdeeds and sassiness. No one is immune, and it seems that all the girls eventually end up with bare, red bottoms. The following recaps a recent episode.

Dark Dance Of The Heart: Painful Parting – Part 1

Joelle [Barros] discovered that Bianca was having an affair with a young man in town, behind her back. She decided that it was time to return to New York and end her time with the lovely red head. When informed of this, Bianca exclaimed “You bitch, you can’t leave me!” Joelle then demonstrated what a bitch she could be and took her now former lover over her lap for a spanking. Using both hand and wooden paddle to make sure that this parting would be epically painful.