All in the butt pad. Or protecting the talent.

Have you ever wondered if those on stage or on screen spankings were real? Perhaps in a film for the big screen they are as those are one and done deals, or at least only a few takes. What about on stage where eight shows a week may be done including some days with matinee and evening performances. Well, maybe most … but all? … on stage spankings are given to protected assets. Read all about it.

Safely Costuming ‘Permission,’ a High-Impact Comedy From Robert Askins

… “Permission,” an MCC Theater production, is about two couples experimenting with Christian Domestic Discipline, a practice in which husbands chastise their wives with timeouts, confiscation of privileges and corporal punishment, chiefly spanking. … once she had ordered the pads and panties, she had to find the ones that effectively diffused the force of the blow yet made for the best smacking sound. …

Elizabeth Reaser and Justin Bartha Permission
Elizabeth Reaser and Justin Bartha in “Permission” via The NY Times. “Permission” is currently in previews and opens May 19 and runs through June 14 at the Lucille Lortel Theatre, 121 Christopher St, NYC.

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Someone still needs a spanking

A solid, bare bottom paddling would do Lindsay a world of good. Is that not perfect attire for work in a gardening center? At least she did not wear that dress to the pre-school. Or, did she?

Lindsay Lohan Does Community Service Work In Revealing Dress
After several postponements, Lindsay Lohan has finally continued on with her court-mandated community service. Last week, she chose a Brooklyn preschool … This weekend, the actress was more vocal about her location, posting a photo of herself on Instagram while working at a gardening center. …

Via Inquisitr

Strapped on the bare

Does Mr. Reed seriously think that strapping Alison Miller’s bubble butt will stop her wearing unsuitable leggings? Not a chance in the Firm Hand Spanking video Aversion Therapy. But that doesn’t stop him telling her to pull them down so he can warm her bouncing bare bottom.


Chelsea lends a hand

… to the seat of the problem as she begins an intense spanking. The lady over Chelsea’s knee will soon be presenting a bare bottom that will be a delightful shade of red before this session is completed. Chelsea Pfeiffer does not fool around when a spanking is required, and leaves no one in doubt as to why they were spanked. Via Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment.


Pixie pouts

The iconic Pixie Wells of Punished Brats does not look happy in this photo showing her well-reddened bottom. The haibrush certainly did its job when it spoke to Pixie about her poor behavior. One can only wonder if Pixie heard the message.


Pixie has announced that she is most likely retired from on-camera work. She is a treasure, and will be missed in front of the camera. We wish her well in tha “vanilla” pursuits she is undertaking, and have no doubt that Pixie will be as successful in those ventures as she has been while sharing her spanking interests with us.