Sand on the hands


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Trade secrets shared

010This week on Sarah Gregory’s Cheerleader Spankings, Isobel Wren and Harley Havik are featured as rival cheerleader captains. They acknowledge each other as having the two best squads. Isobel noticed that Harley commanded a lot of respect from her girls, and heard from members of her own team about rumors of “Special Sessions” that Harley held. What were these sessions? Would Harley let Isobel know more? These were questions that Isobel would like answered, and so she invited herself to Harley’s home and made her request. Harley was flattered, and was only too happy to demonstate how she performed the “Special Sessions.” She decides to teach Isobel personally what happens to her girls when they let down the team or themselves. She drags Isobel over her lap, and starts to spank the open mouthed rival!

Link here for more of Harley Teaches Isobel.

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When did you promise to have it done?


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Some basic erotic spanking tips

Via defunct

Via defunct

Femina (online) included an article on spanking today. While it covers rather rudimentary tips, it is a primer for the novice spanking enthusiast and may remind the veteran of some things. And, spanking may (does) rank right up there with the other foreplay styles noted by the author. Not an afterthought.

Sexy ways to spank and be spankedForeplay is obviously an important component of a healthy, happy sex life. When you think you’ve tried all the usual naughtiness—different ways of kissing, licking, role play, toys and other sexy sundries, it may be time to introduce spanking to your sexual repertoire. Here are fun ways to spank and be spanked. …

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Strict Julie publishes

cover-smAs many of you know, Strict Julie is a Canadian who has posted tales of her domestic discipline and female led relationship on the blog Strict Julie Spanks! She is always interesting, and writes quite well. Julie has now published an e-book entitled Julie Delmar Spanks! She talks about it on her blog including an introduction to each chapter, some explanatory remarks, and links to the Amazon site from which you can obtain the book.

From the book:

Julie Delmar (of “Strict Julie Spanks!” blog fame) and her husband david engage in a kinky scening-oriented female led relationship. This book of entirely original material not before seen on her blog is part instructional, part fact, part fiction, and all fun! At over 75,000 words and 18 chapters it’s great value for your kinky dollar.

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A former Dominatrix talks

miranda-kaneMiranda Kane is a former dominatrix and escort in the UK. She recently shared some of her observations related to getting what you desire if you have kinky interests. From Metro (UK):

Here’s what 7 years of being a plus-size dominatrix has taught me about sex

These days I’m a writer and stand up comedian but, for seven years, I was Melody – a £2,000 per night escort, weighing 25 stone and wearing size 30 clothes.

So, what did those years of being a plus-size dominatrix teach me about sex?

The short answer? It’s all about communication. …

The popularity of erotic literature of late tells me most people have a kinky fantasy they’d like to try, but If you want to introduce S&M into your own relationship, you need to make it clear what you want – and what you don’t. …

Link here to read it all

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I WILL discipline you. Want to test me?

Original source unknown

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A two handed backhand

… works well. Now, it is time for her to bare it and bend over.

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Miss Jenn Spanks DC/NOVA

img_9952_phixrMiss Jenn is a Seattle based disciplinarian who travels, but is not often on the East Coast. She *loves* spanking and paddling, uses a variety of implements, and professes to be strict yet caring. Holding a university degree, Miss Jenn claims to be street smart (Has she spanked NYC yet?) with a good sense of humor. If you are a naughty boy or girl of consenting age and in need of a spanking, Miss Jenn would love to hear from you to consider placing your bare bottom over her knee during her upcoming visit to DC/Northern Virginia (September 20 – 23), or at anytime.

See Miss Jenn’s blog and website here.

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More on Why We Spank

amanda-arnold-1448031875Amanda Arnold is “a Brooklyn-based writer and editor” who most often writes “about women who are changing the way [they] eat and think about food .. culture, travel, history, and anything else [she finds] interesting.” She penned the following article that appeared on Broadly yesterday. Since it’s one of my (our) favorite interests, I thought I would pass along the link.

The Bottom Line: Why People Love Spanking So Much

The sadomasochistic act has been a fascination of everyone from artists to philosophers to sex researchers for hundreds of years. So we had to know—what’s up with hitting butts? …

Link here to read it all.

Prior related posts on All Things Spanking:

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She will be hurtin’ for certain

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Jeepers, creepers, what to do with peepers

s8Strict Julie is a Canadian Disciplinarian who publishes an excellent blog (Strict Julie Spanks!) wherein she relates her adventures with husband david. It seems Julie has a devilish mind that conjures up all manner of reason to apply her corporal skills to david. Whether it involves only Julie or whoever Julie invites to help further educate david, the posts are always intriguing to say the least.

A few days ago, Julie posted the saga of her first spanking of someone other than david. In her words, she “spanked an unwilling (but not undeserving) man!!!” By unwilling, Julie means that the dude who earned this trip OTK did not want to be spanked, but did indeed choose that option over others presented to him. You see, Julie does not engage in non-consensual spanking nor should anyone. But, she is more than willing to dispense punishment to whomever deserves it.

I encourage you to read Julie’s post: Peeper Punished! I submit you will find it as entertaining as I did. Don’t forget the comments. Julie does a superb job of answering almost all of them, and therein lies additional information.

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