Go Slowly and Watch Your Back

When I first “came out” as a spanko, I was given the above advice by a friend. It is a truism today as much as ever … perhaps even more so. Miss Welts, who co-writes A Spanking World! with her husband Jon, posted the following today. As she says, it is not all-inclusive, but does present some good information on things to look out for when looking to play in a safe, sane, consensual manner. Follow the link to read it all.

Warning Signs in the Kink World

Jon is in the field training all week and I am home…alone…up to do whatever I please!!

I have been asking many times what are things you should look out for when getting involved with people in the “lifestyle.” Now this is just from my own experience, I would love to hear anything you would like to add and as always play safe and trust YOUR gut! …

LOL is coming

LOL9-5Because readers from all over the globe join in the Love Our Lurkers’ celebration, a single LOL day ends for readers in Australia and New Zealand before it has begun in North America.  This year, we don’t want anyone to think they have missed LOL day or feel they are too late to participate so you will have even more time to do it. In fact, you do not have to wait. I welcome anyone to post a comment or email me at anytime, any day.

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