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More kinky celebrities

Just happened to have a whip? Smack it to her, Grace!

Grace Jones gives Kate Moss a good spanking

Grace Jones, the James Bond star, spanked Kate Moss with a whip after performing at Annabel’s, the private members club

Grace Jones hasn’t lost the fighting spirit that she displayed when she duffed up Russell Harty on live television when the chat show host had the temerity to talk to another guest.
This time it was Kate Moss who was subjected to the James Bond star’s ire when she saw fit to spank her with a whip she happened to have handy at Annabel’s nightclub. …

Link here to read it all.

The World Series will end tonight

… as the Royals and Giants face off in game seven. This lady looks prepared, and may be a Royals fan as she is decked out in blue … at least that part of her that is decked out! I wonder if she will receive a championship spanking if the Royals win, or a “well there is always next year” spanking if they lose? Either way, she is definitely quite spankable.

Found on Imagur

Termination based on your kink

If you have not heard, Jian Ghomeshi was terminated from his Canadian Broadcasting Corporation job a few days ago. He has alleged in a Facebook post that his activities were consensual while other reports, particularly in the Toronto Star, state that he was abusive. The issues are still subject to fact finding and adjudication. This situation has raised a huge debate in cyberspace and mainstream media on the issues of consensual play, its place in determining job worthiness, and the validity of termination based solely or partly on one’s kink orientation.

Jillian Keenan has an excellent piece in Slate that focuses directly on this. I urge all of you to read Jillian’s article and other quality material. The following is a screen shot of the opening paragraph of the Slate post. Link here to read it all.


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