It is all in the jeans

… or genes? These ladies seem to heave been dealt a good set of genes at least as respects their collective derrieres. I submit that fabric will not have much effect on the sting of a paddle, but will serve as a nice target for the warm-up to a bare bottom session that will surely follow. Given that they are displayed over an outside device, I wonder if they are in a public hiking area or park where discovery of their plight might be at risk?

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A class for Dommes

Another article on a writer’s exploration of and possible entry into the “scene.” Jillian Richardson initially published this on Narratively. Read all of the article here. 2015-11-09 22-03-36

I was definitely at the right address. Tara Indiana, a professional dominatrix, emailed it to me earlier that day. Yet all I could see was the back entrance to a Japanese restaurant and some kitchen workers on their smoke break. There was no way that the sex dungeon I was looking for was in a sushi restaurant…right? Then again, what did I know about sex dungeons? I’d only started exploring kink two weeks earlier, and now here I was searching the back of a sushi restaurant for the sign of the class I’d signed up for, “Secrets of the World’s Greatest Dominatrix.”

“You looking for Cyn Studios?” asked one of the men, startling me. I nodded, and felt my confidence increase just a tiny bit; if this stranger could possibly imagine me in a room filled with whips and floggers, maybe I wasn’t so lost after all. …

Jillian Richardson is a freelance writer and comedian. If you shout her name three times, she’ll appear in your mirror. Otherwise, you can stalk her on Twitter @thatjillian and email her at

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