So you want to go over my knee?

Mistress Bea dares you!


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She is determined

… to give him the spanking of his life, and from her expression is well on the way. Jenna Rose, Penthouse Pet of the Year, explodes her hairbrush on this guy’s ass enroute to thoroughly reddening him. She will not stop until he is contrite, remorseful, and well punished. The message here: Don’t mess with the ladies at Clare Spanks Men.





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Caning in tandem

Mistresses Ava Black and Nina apply the cane at Kinky Mistresses.


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Come on Kate – Go with the flow

Kate Upton called for whipping scene to be cut from new comedy


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Do not doubt me

I am quite good with this crop, and would be only too pleased to stripe your bare arse if you continue to delay doing your chores.

Via Tumblr (Arrogant Mistress)

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The Hunteress is captured

Look fast, folks. You may never see this again. The Hunteress (Miss Cassie) has been captured by Domina Sara and friends in the UK. Miss Cassie looks like she’s rather enjoying the whole ordeal, but I suspect it’s only a fleeting bit of fun before she invokes her “you’ve been Captured By The Hunteress” mantra again. Oh, to be the one Miss Cassie gets even with … or on.


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The lady is prepared

… to paddle you. She expects you to lean over the desk, grab the opposite edge, and hold on until she is finished. No moving or jumping up is allowed.

Courtesy of School Mistress Fantasy

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Spanking on set

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Shows Off Spanking Injury from Kate Upton

Coster-Waldau stopped by Chelsea Lately Thursday night to discuss his new movie, The Other Woman, and showed off a baseball-size bruise he sustained while filming an “intimate” moment with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue favorite.

“I think she hasn’t seen them yet,” Coster-Waldau said of the photos. “I hope she’s okay with this.”

In the scene, Upton was supposed to lightly spank him with a whip, but became a little overzealous. Oops!

Also starring Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, The Other Woman comes out in theaters April 25. But don’t expect to see Coster-Waldau’s spanking: After all that painstaking work, the scene didn’t make the final cut.

Link here to see the clip from Chelsea Lately


A serious caning

The ladies and gents at Pandora Blake Dreams of Spanking are at it again. Here we look in on Molly Malone as she administers an extreme caning to John Beecroft. He has earned every stroke by his school behavior. Ms. Malone is devilishly strict as a firm-handed school headmistress who gives her student a severe twenty-four strokes of the cane.



Proper ventilation is a must



A birching